Health & Fitness Meet at Hammer to celebrate World Health Day

INDRAJIT AICH: Kolkata, 7th April 2022: With 21st century people becoming more conscious about their lifestyle, discussions on health and fitness has been on an all- time high. To celebrate World Health Day, Hammer hosted a Health and Fitness Meet where renowned fitness expert Yash Agarwal and nutritionist Mayanka Singhal facilitated an interactive session focusing on summer diet and workout routines, especially for working professionals and bloggers who are at risk of developing potential lifestyle diseases due to their line of work.
Yash Agarwal who is a certified fitness trainer, coach and owner of Yash Fitness said, “Free-hand exercise is a must for everyone. With the immense heat, it sometimes becomes difficult to go out for walks or runs, but people can workout at home or join gyms. A little bit of cardio is good for everyone, even the bloggers. This will help in facilitating their metabolism and prevent them from gastric issues. “
Mayanka Singhal, Chief Dietician of Health Junction and diabetic educator, with an experience of over 16 years as a professional nutritionist is a leading name in diet management. She said, “I don’t believe in eating less or not eating to lose weight. It is very important to have proper meals, but one must be aware of the food groups that they are consuming. I understand that bloggers have to work round the clock and it requires them to taste food in order to write about it, which often leads to lifestyle disorders. Eating out on a daily basis can cause health issues, but they can be controlled if it is done in moderation. They can follow a detox day once a week. This helps the body to break down the fat.”
Chef Ritabrata Biswas of Hammer who has recently launched a breakfast at Hammer served healthy items such as egg-white omelet, egg salad, juice, soup, avocado toast etc. “The breakfast menu at Hammer has mostly to do with a healthy and well-balanced breakfast. All the dishes prepared have minimal calories and oil. I believe these dishes are perfect for the summer.”
Entrepreneur and owner of Hammer, Abhisekh Kajaria said that he was delighted to host such an event . “ I think it is very important to have conversations surrounding health. These days even kids suffer from lifestyle diseases. With the extreme summers , it is important for everyone to stay hydrated and fit.”
Among the guests, Shikha Agarwal, nutritionist and lifestyle coach, states that a healthy lifestyle is not a goal it is a journey.

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