Fiction Name – SohagJol
Launch date 28th November 2022
Time Band – Monday to Saturday 9 PM
Production House – Bangla Talkies Private limited
Cast – Honey Bafna ( Hero )
Sweta Bhattacharyya (Heroine)
Lopamudra Sinha ( Hero’s mother )
Asmi Ghosh ( Hero’ sister )
Pushpita Mukherjee ( Hero’s Jethima )
Saptarshi Ray ( Hero’s Jethu )
Indrajeet Majumder ( Hero’s elder brother )
Sritama Bhattacharyya ( Hero’s elder sister )
Arnab Chowdhury ( Hero’s younger brother bhai )
Sohagjol concept note: Juin is a simple but strong girl. Even though her parents had passed away when she was a child, she held on to her father’s last wish of holding on to their family land at all costs and building an old age home there, so that Juin could follow her dreams and passion. Her extended family had tried to manipulate her into selling the land, but Juin held her ground. At her core she valued family bonds and duty, so she never went against them, but she hoped to get married someday and lead a harmonious life away from this constant struggle for possession of her land.
Subhro, hailed from a rich business family. He was forever outshined by his elder brother and had a chip on his shoulder, a burning desperation to prove himself worthy to his family. So, when he got the opportunity to spearhead the expansion of the family business and open a new factory, he jumped on it with zeal. Subhro identified the perfect plot for his factory, which happened to be the same one Nandini’s father left her. An impulsive Subhro decides to get married to Juin to get hold of the land just to prove his worth in the family. He did not believe in things like love and marriage, so this came to him easily.
Juin in all innocence believed the marriage to be true and tried her best to be a good wife, a good daughter-in-law. But soon she realizes that even though she has become the heart and soul of the family, she has no place in her husband’s heart.  Juin finds out Subhro’s true intentions but decides against confronting him. When she brings up the state of their marriage to him, Subhro tells her he wants to get separated. This had been his long game anyway. Get separated and demand the plot of land during the legal proceedings.
But the family has come to depend on her, and she cannot just leave and forget the family. As the proceedings of the separation go on, Juin relocates to an apartment across from Subhro’s home, but she continues being their lifeline, to meet the needs of the family, without giving up her dignity.
As days pass, Subhro slowly realizes that try as he may, he is unable to ignore how much Juin had become an essential part of his life. His thoughts keep drifting back to her. But his rigid nature and ego do not allow him to act upon it. When the separation ultimately becomes final,   only when the separation ultimately becomes final,  that the magnitude of the issue hits him. He realizes how much he has become dependent on Juin and needs her in his life.
Thus Subhro now tries to woo his own wife, this time for real! Will the two souls be able to let go of their own history and reunite?

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