Unveiling “Mukhoshe Manushe Khela – Dark Mind Games “: A Corporate Thriller*

*Kolkata, India – April 2024 -* Sabitri Production, in collaboration with director Orpheus Mukhoty, announced their upcoming Bengali feature film *Mukhoshe Manushe Khela – Dark Mind Games* a gripping murder mystery thriller set to captivate audiences.Starring *Joydip Chakraborty, Priyanka Sarkar and Subrata Dutta* in pivotal roles “Mukhoshe Manusher Khela” follows the story of businessman Joy Sanyal ( essayed by Joydip Chakraborty) as he navigates a murder conspiracy orchestrated by rivals. As mysterious deaths unfold, Joy is forced to confront the dark secrets of his seemingly idyllic life. Priyanka essays the mysterious character of Nandini, a corporate associate. Subrata Dutta plays an investigator named Manik Sen. Interestingly, real life cop ACP Aloke Sanyal will be seen playing himself in the film.Actor and writer of *Mukhose Manushe Khela* Joydip Chakraborty, who hails from Abu Dhabi and has extensively worked in theatre and short films , is excited about his feature film debut. The actor states : “Bringing ‘Mukhoshe Manushe Khela’ to life is a thrilling journey, and we’re eager to share this unique corporate thriller with audiences worldwide”Director *Orpheus Mukhoty* ( known for Ei Shohore, Boli, Akashee Pullover, Adhara etc) adds, “This film marks a first-of-its-kind venture into the corporate thriller genre, promising suspense and intrigue from start to finish.”Produced by Sabitri Productions from UAE and directed by internationally acclaimed *Orpheus Mukhoty* , “Mukhoshe Manusher Khela- Dark Mind Games” wrapped up its shoot this week. The film has been shot extensively in Kolkata by Sourav Dey and music helmed by Kaushik Ghosh. *Abhijit Barman aka ‘Pota’ ( of Cactus fame)* has recorded a song for the film.*The film is scheduled for a theatrical release in August 2024 across India and UAE*

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