IGlam proudly celebrated its 9th edition pageant

Miss Gulab- Pari) L-R Jogita Joshi ( 2nd Runner-up), Maher Balmiki (winner), Arbin Aktar (1st Runner up) Ddevjani Mitra , Tapesh Kumar

Dabur Gulabari Presents IGlam’s 9th Edition: Where Grace, Talent, and Poise Converge
IGlam proudly celebrated its 9th edition pageant on June 23, 2024, at the illustrious RegentaOrko’s Kolkata. This year’s event, Dabur Gulabari Presents 9th IGlam Miss & Mrs. Gulab-Pari Bengal 2024, IGlam Mr. & Junior Bengal 2024, was a dazzling affair brimming with glitz and glamour. The evening was further illuminated by the presence of the renowned Ms. MoubaniSorcar and Smt. BaishaliDalmia. Also, the prestigious event of IGlam Miss & Mrs. India 2024 took place with contestants from all over India.
The winners of the 9th IGlam edition and IGlam Miss & Mrs. India 2024 were meticulously chosen by an exceptional jury panel consisting of:
• Ankit Sharma
• Tapesh Kumar
• SagarJha
• Jiit Chakraborty
• SubhadipMitra
• JeetJagjeet
• PamitaSadhukhan
• KarunaChandirani
• Dr.RenuKumari
• PreetWalia
• PreetiJagwani
• Aryman Raj
• Padmanava Banerjee
• Aaheli Das
• KahiniBhattacharjee
• PutulDhar
• SiddharthSehal
• Mohua Roy Das
• KangnaTripathi
The evening concluded with the announcement of the highly anticipated winners across all categories, each of whom exemplified grace, talent, and poise. The dedicated IGlam team members, including KaminiKumari, Saba Khan, Avinash Kumar, Chandu Kumar, Chintu Kumar, Neha Chopra, Bobby Agarwal, Parul Sehgal Gulati, RaushanObrey, Rupa Singh, SatyajitHaldar, and Raushan Kumar, played a crucial role in making the event a grand success.
DdevjaniMitra, the visionary founder and director of IGlam, articulated the essence of the event, stating, “There is no bound to talent. IGlam aims to nurture 10 million talents across the globe.” She emphasized that IGlam’s mission is not only to promote talents globally but also to develop soft skills essential for personal and professional growth.
The event was supported by a range of partners including Anita Mahendra (salon & gift partner), Lavanya (gift partner), VidhitaPoddar (styling partner), Lakme Academy (makeover partner), Shana’s Academy, Koustubh Banerjee (photography partner), TathastuPappu (photography partner), Macpro (photography partner), RegentaOrko’s (venue partner), and the South Calcutta Ananda Niketan Home (NGO partner).
The vision of IGlam extends beyond the pageant itself, aiming to promote talents across the globe and provide a platform where individuals can showcase their unique abilities. The grand finale was a testament to this vision, highlighting the exceptional talents and poise of the winners who truly embodied the spirit of IGlam.

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