Nanighar Ties Up With Zomato For Its New Phase Of Expansion

Kolkata, April 8: Following a successful home-chefs prepared food delivery option and serving as the platform for city women culinary entrepreneurs, Nanighar has tied up with Zomato to take its coveted associates to the next level of serving much-loved delicacies on a live-on-day delivery basis.

So now, customers will be able to order freshly prepared basic meals (1 hour in advance) from their favorite Nanighar kitchens, and for same-day service, the Nanighar app will take them automatically to the Zomato Platform. Nanighar’s home chefs and mom chefs prepare freshly made meals, and many of them do their shopping daily to ensure that they provide fresh ingredients so that nothing is pre-cooked which is promoted on the Nanighar app., hence the option was pre-order (ranging from 24 hrs to 15 days advance).

This time, Nanighar chefs will be accepting orders 1 hr. in advance from the scheduled delivery through Zomato app. It is specially curated to cater to office orders and people having busy schedules. Moreover, it continues with the existing format of pre-booking as it would be giving a wide array of chef moms to serve all the customers.

Aiming to empower homemakers with a penchant for cooking, Nanighar has been the brainchild of entrepreneur Debjani Mookherjee launched in 2019. Nanighar was established to empower individuals, especially mothers and homemakers by harnessing their culinary skills. It has successfully transformed talented home chefs into independent entrepreneurs.

According to Debjani, this is an attempt to give more opportunity to those mom chefs who can deliver food on a daily basis. “We have integrated our app where interested customers can avail the option of booking process in two options – live booking (6 hours in advance) and the usual long-term bookings. The live one will take them to the Zomato app for delivery purposes. Further, Mom chefs have the best cooking skills, and Nanighar helps them with attaining all the necessary food licenses, training on hygiene, undertaking photo shoots, proper packaging, digital marketing etc. so that the customer gets the best home-cooked meals delivered on time,” Ms. Mookherjee explains.

About Nanighar App:

Nanighar’s own app is dedicated to reviving the popularity of traditional local dishes such as pithe, puli, chital macher muthyaa, echarer dalna, mochar ghanto, and many others from various cuisines including Bengali, Punjabi, Rajasthani, Parsi, Sindhi, Coastal, and more. As residents of the city, one has the privilege of savoring these incredible homemade delicacies from the comfort of one’s own homes or offices.    The majority of Nanighar chefs are individuals who primarily cook at home and have limited experience serving meals to their family and close acquaintances. The menu items are reasonably priced, with most options costing less than Rs 400. For breakfast, you can enjoy a variety of dishes starting from Rs 40 and above.

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