CII IWN leadership Mentoring for Women Programme

INDRAJIT AICH: CII IWN West Bengal Chapter launches WINGS TO FLY, focuses on mentoring women to continue being in the workforce
Mentoring provides a safe space for women to openly discuss their ambitions. This may be achieved by either building skills, competencies or professional goals. Whether the problem is pandemic, lack of confidence or necessary skills, mentors can work with women to overcome challenges. Not only have more women lost jobs compared to men during the pandemic but also fewer women are returning to work. The number of women actively looking for work each month reduced by three million between 2019 and 2021, says the latest bulletin from Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE) and Centre for Economic Data and Analysis (CEDA). CMIE data shows that urban India had 22.1% fewer women employed in 2021 than in 2019.The CII – Indian Women Network West Bengal Chapter is launching its Mentoring for Women program, WINGS TO FLY today in Kolkata.
“The CII IWN WB chapter 2022 – 23, we have aligned with our CII National Committee ( NC) in taking this ‘Capacity building initiative’ forward. This initiative was first piloted in 2019-2020 at Chennai and Mumbai chapters and we are launching the ” CII IWN Leadership Mentoring for Women programs, Wings to Fly” to further the cause. Apart from motivating women to return to work after the Pandemic we will be also addressing one of the prime target areas of the State, which has been development of leadership  capabilities of women in industry, corporates and women entrepreneurs. This is one such successful stride that we are taking today to promote women participation and women growth and leadership the workspace ” said CII IWN WB Chairperson Mrs. Sriranjani Joshi.
The programme has been ideated with the objective of ” very much what the theme suggests” enabling and providing wings to the women professionals and supporting them to achieve their goals cutting across various industries, as entrepreneurs and corporate roles. This is the capacity building initiative being one of the foremost agenda for CII IWN and we in the Bengal chapter have conceptualized and are launching this event today” said Co Vice-Chairperson of CII IWN WB, Mrs Priya Banerjee. Speaking at the occasion, Dr Indrani Lodh, Vice Chairperson of the Chapter detailed that primarily the mentees would come from CII members who would like to ‘self-nominate’ themselves as Mentees. Corporates can identify and nominate individuals or top / mid management talent women, she added.
The project will work with a 9-month timeline and would work on retaining and nurturing women workforce. Wings to Fly address by chief guest Mentor Speaker Smt Shaon Sen, WBCS.additional Secretary,Department of labour, Govt of west Bengal.

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