Tamarind introduces exquisite Summer Menu that tantalize customer’s taste buds while keeping them cool and refreshed.

Kolkata: Tamarind, renowned for its culinary mastery and celebration of cultural amalgamation, is excited to unveil its Summer special menu. As the mercury rises, it becomes crucial to seek refreshment while satisfying our taste cravings. Tamarind, in sync with the essence of summer, endeavours to promote well-being among Kolkatans. The special menu showcases a delightful selection of South Indian delicacies, methodically curated to stimulate digestive health and overall contentment. Tamarind offers a distinctive dining journey, inviting both vegetarians and non-vegetarians to revel in a diverse palette of flavours through its exclusive Summer offerings. The Summer Special Menu includes Curd Rice & Appalam, Appam & Stew (mutton/chicken/veg), Malabar Fish Curry & Appam, Coriander Rice & Malabar Chicken, Steamed Rice and Nellore Chapala Pulusu, Lemon Rice, Bissibella Huli Anna, Mamidakai Pappu and Ellaneer Payasam.
The exclusive Summer menu is crafted with a dual focus on health and culinary delight, making it an ideal selection for gatherings of family and friends seeking to relish the essence of summer. This Special menu will be available till May 31st. Featuring a delightful assortment of dishes that showcase the vibrant flavours and cultural heritage of South India, guests are encouraged to embark on a culinary odyssey that pays homage to auspicious traditions. As patrons savour the authentic tastes of South India amidst a festive atmosphere, Tamarind pledges to provide an unmatched dining experience that cultivates a spirit of unity and jubilant festivity.

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